About Us


 Namvaran Sanat Taxan (N.S.Taxan Co.Ttd.) was founded in 2013, with an aim to provide both engineering and trading services to the oil, gas, steel, cement as well as light industry in Iran.

 The senior management have a wealth of expertise gained over 25 years in the welding field and are experienced leaders, having delivered many successful projects across various industries, including supplying numerous procurement programs for the Iranian national oil and gas transmission pipeline infrastructure.

 Drawing on their established worldwide business relationships, in regional Asia and Far East, N.S.Taxan are expanding their sales and marketing strategies both within Iran and internationally, continuing to network their specialized experts and engineers locally.

 N.S.Taxan main services are:

1- The supply of welding material, alloys and super alloy coating materials including the following technologies:

  • SMAW
  • GMAW
  • SAW
  • FCAW

2-The supply of stud welding equipment and machinery to the power-generating, cement, automobile and steel industries.

3-Pioneering the use of new procedures to solve surface wear and corrosion issues. 

At N.S.Taxan, we provide a wide range of consulting services to our clients and can assist your business to make the best decisions to meet your economic and fitting criteria.